Springtime in Las Vegas

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pink Blossoms

Spring in Las Vegas is one of my favorite things about living in this city. Our winter may lack the harsh weather that plagues much of the country, but there is a certain somberness the hangs in the air that begins to lift in March. It's that brief, brief window before summer hits full force to explore. Hotels reveal their seasonal installations of flowers and butterflies. New, lighter menus make their way into restaurants across the valley. It's a fresh start.

Now that I work unconventional hours I have the opportunity to explore while much of downtown is still quiet. Tuesday mornings are particularly perfect for this. The location of interest this time around? The Venetian. In my quest to try 50 new restaurants I had set my sights on breakfast at Bouchon, and making the trek down there necessitated a stroll around one of my favorite spots in Las Vegas.

Bouchon French Toast

Breakfast being the first order of the day I made my way through the hotel lobby to Bouchon. Tucked away by the pool stepping into the restaurant is like stepping back in time into old Hollywood. Patterned tile, brass accents, beautiful palms. Truly a wonderful experience. Menu fare ranges from French favorites to breakfast staples with a twist. Being a french toast fanatic the choice was easy. Thinly sliced, cinnamon soaked apple layered with a bread pudding style base topped with a lightly sprinkling of powdered sugar and just the right amount of whipped cream. Delicious and definitely somewhere I would like to explore further.

At the Venetian

Making my way back to the shops I was struck by how beautiful it was without the usual chaos of crowds. Though none of the shops were open, it was the perfect chance to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. Long corridors give way to gas lamps, an unexpected surprise, and soon-to-be on duty gondoliers practicing their opera. The sort of moment I'm hoping to have more of as I become more intentional about exploring this city.

Hanging Flowers

The cherry on top of the morning? The spring installation at the Palazzo. Hanging flowers and pink blossoms against the shiny fountain backdrop. One of those sights that just made me smile.

Hanging Flowers Closeup

Coins in the Fountain

Here's to exploring. Here's to searching out new experiences in this city that's been my backdrop for so many years now. In a meeting this week we were told that one of the keys to success is to be successful with where you're at. I think that applies to happiness too. It's so easy to grasp at happiness "if only". A different house, a different city, a different set of circumstances. We daydream about the lives we want to lead and the people we want to be. At the end of the day that's the fast track to discontent. We are where we are for a purpose and that's something I want to start embracing more.

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