Las Vegas Highland Games

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This past weekend marked the 10th annual Highland Games here in Las Vegas. Despite this fact, this was my first year in attendance. Sprawled out over Floyd Lamb park, the Highland Games offered two full days packed with entertainment ranging from the games themselves to live music and dance competitions in addition to stalls for shopping and information on various aspects of Scottish heritage.

Being that this was a work weekend for me I had a whirlwind experience on Saturday afternoon, that thankfully did include catching the Opening Ceremony. The parade was truly a sight to behold with troupe after troupe of experienced pipers and drummers in addition to clan representations. It was moving and something I wish my grandfather had been around to see because he would have loved every second of it.

Not surprisingly, the highlight of my afternoon was the food. While the usuals were on the scene boasting chicken fingers, funnel cake, and hot dogs it was the Scottish varieties that I couldn't pass up. While it was difficult to choose, the fresh scones with strawberries and cream and the grilled bangers topped with a heap of caramelized onions were my front runners. If you've never had a grilled banger, make a run to your local international food store. Just one bite is enough to transport you overseas.

A few tips if you plan to attend next year, which I would recommend... Arrive early! Floyd Lamb parking is not well suited to large events and if you show up later in the day you will be making a trek to get to the entrance. Bring a few cold waters with you. While you aren't allowed to bring coolers in you will want to tuck some in a tote bag. While much of the area is shaded, the sun shifts frequently and March afternoons see the temperatures rising. Finally, if you plan to stick around for the entertainment, bring a folding chair. Your feet will thank you.

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