Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Cake Pops

Have you been “BOOed”? I’ve seen the trend going around in year’s past, but finding some coffee cake and a printable on my desk marks this as my first year participating. To “BOO” someone you leave a treat on their desk (or at their door if you’re doing this in the neighborhood) along with a copy of the instructions (which can be printed out here). That person then makes a copy of the instructions and leaves them, along with a treat, on two more desks/doors. The goal is for the holiday cheer to spread around to everyone by Halloween.

The treats themselves are a fun way to get creative. Since you’re choosing who the recipient is you really have a chance to get personal and leave them something you know they would enjoy. For me the choice was easy. If you know me, you know I’m hooked on The Market LV at Tivoli Village. Upstairs, Cupkates by Kate occupies a charming cupcake-themed space filled to the brim with everything from the sweets themselves to some adorable charm jewelry. They recently started carrying some holiday-themed cake pops that are as cute as they are delicious. Moist vanilla cake mixed with frosting and enrobed with either white chocolate or colored jimmies depending on the style. Yum. When I saw these I knew I couldn’t resist.

Some other fun ideas? Split a batch of homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Grab a muffin from a favorite local bakery to greet your coworkers when they get there in the morning. Hit up a thrift store for some Halloween-themed mugs and pair them with a packet of hot cocoa or apple cider. Put together a mini-bag with a few pieces of their favorite bite sized candies.

What Halloween treat would you most like to find on your desk come Monday morning?

Purple Monster Cake Pop

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