The Colors of Summer

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Purple Daisies

Color has been a huge inspiration for me lately. It's no secret that color has an impact on mood. The right color can calm you down, perk you up, or even make you hungry. Take one look at my wardrobe though and you'll see that my heart normally belongs to neutrals. That's why I was surprised when a recent visit to the gardens at the Bellagio swept me off of my feet with their bold use of color. From vibrant, cheery purples to the soft contrast of white and green the conservatory was awash with the colors of summer.


Being there has reminded me of a few things. I need to have more fresh flowers in my life. Even with my black thumb I can keep a vase of flowers going for a week and their presence automatically shifts the atmosphere to a more positive one. I also need to be more adventurous in my color choices. I'm currently rocking a hot pink manicure, but I would love some more color in my wardrobe too. Finally, I was reminded (yet again) of the importance of slowing down. Walking around a garden you naturally gravitate towards taking time to stop and smell the roses, but taking that time is important during the day-to-day as well.

Summer Morning


  1. Same here - neutrals all the way. BUT - I do pops of color with accessories.

    I also have a black thumb - it's a wonder that our garden is turning out so well. I can hardly believe it. Love the pictures!

    1. Accessories are the best! I have developed quite the addiction to colorful scarves.

      It's good to know that there's still hope for us black thumbs! I would love to see your garden. And thank you!

    2. I'm definitely also a neutral dresser but a good, bright pop of floral colour is always welcome (:

    3. I am with you on anything floral, I love that floral has been so in style this summer.


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