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Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fives

If there's one key thing that I came away from Camp Mighty with, it's focus. The past year has been life-altering and challenging on both a physical and emotional level. I've been in survival mode, just trying to make it through each day. It feels good to admit that, to realize that it's okay. But now I'm ready to refocus, to start building momentum again. With that, the team workshop time at Camp Mighty was golden. What do I want to focus on for the coming year? What do I have to offer? While there is still so much to think about, just those questions started to sharpen my focus.

That brings me to "my fives". The five goals I've chosen to specifically focus on for the coming year. Narrowing my focus was a difficult thing. It meant having to put things in motion, to stop dreaming and start doing. As I sat and wrote I saw a theme emerge. After a year of drastic change, I want to reconnect with my roots. I want to rekindle family relationships and celebrate some of my favorite memories. I want to share what I have to offer, even if that's just a kind word.

1. Send 50 uplifting postcards to strangers.
I am a firm believer that an uplifting and encouraging word can change someone's day. I know I've been on the receiving end of that. Now I want to pay it forward.

2. Dust off my French.
I studied French for eight years and then I fell out of practice. Now's it's time to dust that off and do some serious studying.

3. Cook through my grandma's recipe box.
My grandma passed away four years ago and I've had her recipes nestled in a box and stored away for far too long. Food is one of the ways I connect with people, and I want to reconnect with those happy memories. As I cook through them and update them into my traditions I want to self publish a mini-cookbook to send to my cousins so they can enjoy that connection too.

4. Paint on canvas again.
I took some oil painting classes when I was younger and I loved everything about it. In college I turned that love into studying art history for a few years, but I want to reconnect with the hands-on aspect. And not worry about how it looks, but to do it just for the sheer joy of it.

5. Take a class.
I love to learn. I used to take classes just for fun at the community college ranging from cooking and dance to history and english lectures. Beside the fact that many of those random skills have come in handy, I really miss engaging my mind in that way. Thanks to you I've gathered some awesome resources and I can't wait to dig in.

If you were someone who left a tag on one of my goals, thank you! I will be in touch soon, but know that your enthusiastic response made an impact.

Do you have any goals that you're focusing on right now? Link me to them! I would love to help where I am able, but I also want to cheer you on.

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