DIY Valentine's Day Straws

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

With the mental fog from the beginning of the year finally lifting I come to you today with a quick and easy DIY that makes a cute touch for your Valentine's Day table. I don't know about you, but I've definitely caught the paper straw bug. They're a simple way to add a colorful touch to your party table and they've become increasingly easy to find in stores.

For this project you'll need a package of paper straws and a package of felt hearts. I used embellished, pre-cut hearts that came with adhesive backing, but you could also cut and decorate your own using hot glue to attach the hearts. I've been hooked on stripes so when I spotted these at Target I couldn't resist. Polka dots would be equally as adorable.

Pair off your hearts by design. By attaching the two back-to-back you don't have to worry about which direction the straw spins in your cup. Peel off the adhesive backing at attach approximately one inch from the top of the straw. If you are cutting your own hearts out of felt, pair them up and attach with hot glue first to the straw and then with a dot of glue at the top of each curve so they sit evenly and stay together.

All total this project took less than ten minutes to complete, but they were the hit of the party. Pair with your favorite sparkling pink lemonade or sorbet float. My personal favorite? Scoop a serving of raspberry sorbet into the bottom of your glass and fill with limonata.

What fun touches are you adding to your Valentine's Day table?


  1. These are so cute! I want to make them even though I'm late in the game. It's never a bad time for hearts and cute straws!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's never too late in the game for hearts. They also have some other cute shapes too if you're looking to stay in season, I'll be posting some shamrock straws soon.


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