On Intentions, Actions, and Some Pretty Great Sausage

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here! And with that new season comes new intentions. I've been thinking more about that this past month, about setting intentions. That phrase has been everywhere lately, but it doesn't sit well with me. This weekend, it was my pastor that actually pinpointed why, "Good intention doesn't last two minutes. Intention must turn into action." How many times have I "intended" to make changes that fell flat weeks, or even days later? Blog more often. Eat better. Wake up earlier. I have a cycle of setting intentions, eventually failing, getting upset with myself, and then starting all over again. Why? Because without a plan, a realistic action plan, good intentions don't do a whole lot on their own.

Having a plan means having somewhere to pick up after failing. It means having something measurable to look back on and evaluate. It requires action, not daydreaming. It's also a little scary, but in the best and most exciting way.

So, I'm starting simple. Something that routinely makes my intention lists is making the most of where I live. In fact, it's even in my manifesto for this blog in the form of celebrating all things local. That's so vague though. The real question is how am I going to celebrate all things local? To start, I can start putting more local favorites onto my weekly grocery list. Las Vegas has a burgeoning local food scene that lends itself to not only fantastic restaurants, but some pretty fantastic tools for the home cook as well.

First up? If you haven't tried the sausages from Sprouts market you are missing out. With at least 8 flavors on a daily basis from the basic Italian to the interesting chicken additions (apple and parmesan are two of my favorites) there is truly something for everyone. They are made in house and they are a great bang for your buck. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing some of my favorite recipes to pair them alongside. Something simple to kick off the weekend? Pair their chicken parmesan sausage (pictured above) with your favorite risotto be it homemade or from a box.

What are you shaking up for Spring? Let's cheer each other on as we turn our goals into actions.

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